Phoenix Furniture & Upholstery, Inc

All about Phoenix

    Established in 1992, Phoenix Furniture & Upholstery has been specializing in resurrecting, reupholstery, re-designing and custom building residential, commercial furniture and creating custom automotive interiors for the last 19 years.  The owner Mitch Whiteley having over 25 years of upholstery experience in automotive, furniture and aircraft can handle just about any upholstery project, whether it is a family heirloom needing to be brought back to life, or an idea brought to fruition.  Mitch can work with you to create, re-design or bring your project back to life.  So you can enjoy it for many years to come.
    Being able to visualize what the customer wants the finished project to be, where it fits, the function and use, we can help you choose the proper fabric or leather that fits your needs.  In reupholstering furniture, re-glueing the frame, re-designing adding length, height, or cutting down existing frames, or even custom building a piece.  We can take a 70's era sofa and make it look like a 30's, or modernize it, or just change the fabric for a new look.   In automotive interiors, we can match the cars color scheme, create a total custom job, tuck and roll as in the 50's or take it back to original like it just rolled off the assembly line, whatever suits your fancy. 

Whether to reupholster

    Deciding whether to reupholster your furniture takes in a lot of factors today.  First and foremost is the frame worthy of being reupholstered?  Most sofas made in the last 20 years and purchased in the $1,000 range have particle board, plywood or chip board frames, were stapled together very little or no glue to hold the frames together, inexpensive foam and inferior springs and construction and are not worth reupholstering.  They were made with "planned obselesence", meaning the factory wants the customer to replace their furniture every couple of years, because that is all they were meant to last.  However if the piece cost considerably more in the last 20 years,  has a hardwood frame, or constructed with 1 1/2 inch laminated wood, chances are it would be worth reupholstering.   The 60's and 70's furniture and older, even if it was an inexpensive piece are almost always worth investing in reupholstering, since these pieces will be around for another 30 or forty years or more if redone.  If the wood needs refinished on your piece, we also can provide that service.  
    The cost of a new quality built sofa in a starting fabric can run upwards of $3,500, and upgrading the fabric can bring that piece over $8-9,000 very quickly.  Reupholstering your existing sofa is usually less than half that cost even when the foam has to be replaced.   Antique furniture is almost always worth reupholstering whether adding value to the piece, or just making the family heirloom last through another generation.

Other services offered

    Besides reupholstery services, Phoenix can also repair broken springs, broken frames, seams on cushions, broken zippers.  All of the repairs done by Phoenix are guaranteed for 1 year after the repair is done.   With a lot of the furniture being built today with plywood, particle board or chip boards in the frame, when we repair a frame, it is done with solid oak, glued and screwed properly to ensure that that repair will not break again.   Broken springs replaced are attached with new clips and they are screwed into place, not stapled like most of the manufacturers do now.
    A lot of times furniture that is only a few years old has the foam cushions losing their resilience.  Another service we offer is foam replacement.  Existing cushions are re-stuffed with HR, a high resilience foam with a life expectancy of 15 years, instead of the average 1-2 years of poly foam.   The HR has the feel and life expectancy of pincore rubber, which used to be the highest standard of the industry.
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